A West London Townhouse that packs a punch

Posted on Mon, 16 Apr 2018 by midcenturyjo

What appears at first to be a sleek and refined if somewhat restrained West London Townhouse takes an about face and breaks out the colour and the fun. Art Deco riffs meet 80’s Memphis murmurings and by the time the terrazzo takes centre stage it’s all over. You’re in love. By London-based architectural and interior design firm  Waldo Works.

Hmmmm. Interesting. I love it in an abstract way, color palette, very sculptural furniture, composition of design. I don’t love it as a living space. And what about the master bedroom? Seems very ordinary. Lacks the sassiness of all the other spaces

TR Design says:

My thoughts exactly! It would require tremendous discipline to live here.

Superb use of the Callimaco floor lamp, I must say.

Marie says:

View from the breakfast nook was pleasing. The rest, hideous – except for the bedroom which, whilst boring, wasn’t repellant.

b says:

More attention to scale please.
Too high, then too low, esp. bedroom.
Flip the bed to the other wall.
Can you really use that vanity without having to squat?
Wrong house to experiment with these ideas

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