Diana’s renovated apartment in Israel

Posted on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 by KiM

Diana Stark is an architect and interior designer from Israel and this is her apartment in Netanya she shares with her husband and 3 year old daughter. She kindly sent over these photos for us to share with you. The space used to be several small rooms with an enclosed kitchen but she brilliantly came up with a more open-concept and kept it very modern and neutral so she could add interest in the details – a bit of bold (and not so bold) wallpaper, some really gorgeous tile laid vertically (love that!) and some glass elements. It’s a stunning mix of hard and soft, modern and vintage. (Photos: Hagar Doppelt)

Lorraine says:

Well that kitchen is pretty much all wrong. She needs to learn how to place appliances in a useful, practical way. Or maybe no one uses them. I mean, where do go with the things you take out of the oven and frig? I just know that would never work for me.

Bettina says:

I thought exactly the same Lorraine! I don´t understand that kitchen!

elise says:

Lorraine is pretty much all wrong. She needs to learn that leaving negative comments on a site that celebrates mostly very personal residential design and decor is a blatant sign that she is a miserable wretch. I mean, who does she think she is with her terrible grammar and horrible attitude? The queen of frig? I just know that no one would ever envy her sad life.

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