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Posted on Mon, 30 Apr 2018 by midcenturyjo

You would think I haven’t got very far these past few days, that I’m caught in a virtual real-estate-stalking parallel universe. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Although I’m sharing this inner city Melbourne warehouse style home with its polished concrete floors, steel framed windows and soaring ceiling in its impressive entrance I haven’t spent the entire weekend stalking. I’ve actually been working on a new master bedroom in my own house that I hope to share with you any day now. I’m moving from my old black bedroom to a white, bright room across the corridor. It’s not that I fell out of love with black walls. It’s just time for a change. In the meantime you can tell me how you feel about the black ceiling in this warehouse’s open plan living space. Link to the listing here while it lasts.

Antionette Lombard says:

Crisp and different – so tranquil and beautiful. Wish I could know the story behind the artwork in the main bedroom – as well as the name of the artist!

Suzanne Melton says:

Black ceilings: Back in the day, I opened a retail store.

Since I was the first tenant in my space, I asked the contractor to paint the first ten feet of wall a color (doesn’t matter which color).

I asked him to paint everything above ten feet black, including all pipes, conduits, etc.

They insisted on hanging the framing for a lowered ceiling so I requested black frames with NO ceiling tiles.

It was quite spectacular. When someone would comment that my space seemed really large, I pointed to the ceiling. they hadn’t even noticed.

elise says:

i’m in love with the towel in the bathroom….

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