A 1910 beach house in California

Posted on Thu, 3 May 2018 by KiM

Here is another example of why I am such a fan of Reath Design‘s style. Frances Merrill took another Craftsman (this time a 1910 beach house) and brought home the funk! More fun wallpaper, tile, patterned fabric and vintage finds make this home soooo much fun and a total eye candy. If you ever thought about painting your old kitchen cabinets yellow, this should sell you on the idea.

Photos: Laure Joliet

Sparky says:

Someone with a sense of humor—loving it!

Heather Giannandrea says:

Same vintage as my grandmother’s house and like hers, this has some lovely features. Too much vertical wood paneling for my taste though.

Axie says:

I’m so glad they didn’t gut it- a respectful reno. I could move right in to that bedroom..

Jacqui says:

There was an article I read about this renovation in the New York Times. I loved it and am so glad you posted about it too.

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