The house of Mrs. Brody

Posted on Wed, 16 May 2018 by midcenturyjo

It’s an all too familiar scenario. An iconic mid century home (in this case with interiors by A. Quincy Jones and Billy Haines) had been “developed” so that what remained bore little resemblance to its former glory. Enter Jane Hallworth and her team who set about “… restoring the architecture and interior palette back to an homage of earlier iterations under the auspices of these two design masters. Together, with an exacting client, we curated a furniture collection that would befit one of the most prestigious houses in Los Angeles without trying to pastiche or erode the original design intentions.” A truly stellar renovation, Brody by   Hallworth.

Anne says:

Love the quiky details, what an interesting place!

Caleigh says:

What an amazing place!!!!

JCD-M says:

Timeless outstanding details!!!

Shelley says:

Amazing. I love reading your blog and many times find ideas I can try to duplicate in my own home. Alas, this is not one of those homes, lol. It is magnificent. That kitchen is really something else.

Blanders says:

Actually it’s the house of Mrs DeGeneres, but let’s not quibble.

I’m kind of appalled that I know that. But she has a memorable style and extremely good taste in art.

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