The modern landscape of a California vineyard

Posted on Mon, 21 May 2018 by KiM

I really have no words for how absolutely breathtaking this property in California by Ferguson Ettinger Architects is. So I’ll leave it to landscape architect Jeffrey Gordon Smith to tell the story of this dream: In the heart of a historic drought, this new home overlooking the clients’ 72-acre vineyard in the Paso Robles wine region called for a water-wise landscape that could further enhance their stunning property. Applying a subdued color palette accentuated with Mediterranean grasses and timeworn olive trees, the new landscape anchored and blended the home into its surrounding environment. Delicate plant textures that flutter in the wind softened the modern hardscape and architecture; creating a striking balance between the built and natural environments. Large drifts of drought tolerant grasses allowed for sweeping views to continue past the property line, to the clients’ vineyards and the rolling hills beyond. The grasses were also selected to mirror the native vegetation as it fluctuates through the seasons, creating a strong sense of connection with the region. Using rugged boulders and gravel in conjunction with clean hardscape pavers, the project brought a fun California twist to the traditional modern aesthetic.

ani says:

the pics are very professionals.. nice clicks

Axie says:

Gorgeous! And brilliant! Having lived in that area for many years, it’s so nice to see landscaping that doesn’t fight nature. So many homes try to have traditional landscaping and unless you cheat and water continuously, everything dies out after a few years.

I’d love to see more inside that home too 🙂

My name is Eve Ettinger and I am the new brand manager for Ferguson Ettinger Architects. I see that you have publish Ferguson Ettinger Architects Vineyard house, but did not mention them. Could you please add their name into this article to give them proper credit. I have attached their website below for reference. Thank you!

midcenturyjo says:

Thank you for letting us know. I have added acknowledgement and a link.

Eve says:

Thank you!

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