Wind in the grass

Posted on Tue, 5 Jun 2018 by midcenturyjo

Wind in the grass, ripples on the pond, kids splashing in the pool. Alfresco conversations, family gatherings, native wildlife paying a visit and the joy of an Australian garden that is more than a lawn and the latest “it” plants. Low maintenance, drought resistant, sustainable and beautiful. Musk Cottage garden in Flinders in country Victoria by Eckersley Garden Architecture.


Blanders says:

The living pavilion of eucalypts is very evocative, but I wonder how sustainable it’s going to be – most trees don’t like being crowded to that extent.

Which is not to say that it isn’t something I’ve always wanted to try!

Vritika says:

Well, the place seems beautiful but, it does need to be groomed well with the landscapes though!

Shelley says:

I see the landscaping as the living sculpture, along with the actual sculptures. Very beautiful.

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