A 19th century apartment in Paris

Posted on Fri, 8 Jun 2018 by KiM

This absolute dream of an apartment is home to fashion designer Stefano Pilati and his wildly eclectic  taste in decor. It is a garden duplex in a stately 19th-century building on an upscale commercial street in Paris. A renovation took place led by architect Bruno Caron and with the random assortment of colours, art and furnishings it is wonderfully intriguing. Via Architectural Digest with photos by Björn Wallander.

Beth Heatongrindel says:

Oh Mama, that dining room is straight out of Vanity Fair the movie GAWD, I love it!

jared hayden says:


b says:

That bathroom makes it.
It equals the opulance of the rest of the space. Vaulted ceiling. Unique. Not your average white, white, white.

xavier reis says:

Beautiful home

Blanders says:

Good grief, even the dog is a designer piece!

Lorraine says:

It is pretty spectacular!

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