A colourful and unique home in London

Posted on Sun, 24 Jun 2018 by KiM

Me and trends do not get along. AT ALL. Unique interiors are where it’s at and this home in London is about as unique as it gets. I mean, LOOK AT THE KITCHEN CABINETS! Italian designer Martino Gamper and New Zealand artist Francis Upritchard live here, and have taken uniqueness to the next level with bold colours, lots of art and funky furniture. A total distraction from the ordinary, detail-lacking architecture. Via Architectural Digest Spain, photos by Pablo Zamora.

jared hayden says:


Moyra says:

Fabulous x 1000! Those lamps are brilliant! Everywhere you look really.

Bettina Spagnuolo says:

Terrible. I could not live in that disorder, it looks like a bazaar, and not in a good sense.

Lorraine says:

Well, this just goes to show that “unique” doesn’t equal good. I totally agree with Bettina… “disorder” is a tactful way to put it.

Michelle Hussey says:

Stunning. Im in awe of your incredible space and unique juxtaposition of objects.

Réjouissant ! On en a tellement marre des univers de non-couleurs où tout est toujours immaculé et tellement froid !

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