Amping up the builder’s spec

Posted on Fri, 29 Jun 2018 by midcenturyjo

“A sunbeam streams through a window, changing the colors of every surface in the room and casting a lace of shadows across the floor. There is an emotional charge to every object and furnishing you see; a function, a provenance, a humanity. You feel not just sheltered, but anchored, and when you’re not here, you feel the pull to return again and again. This is the highest expression of ‘place’, to be fully supported in your purpose and potential.”

That’s what Tatum Kendrick and Studio Hus believe. It may sound a little high falutin but you know it’s not. It’s what we all aspire to, the sense of place, our place. It’s why we surround ourselves with what we love, how we want to live. Studio Hus took a developer spec white box in Manhattan and amped it up. The result is moody, modern and inviting, a place I would be happy to call my own.

xavier reis says:

Interesting elements.

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