An elegant apartment in Shanghai

Posted on Thu, 12 Jul 2018 by KiM

A little bit of glam, bling, and colour for your Thursday afternoon care of China-based designer Baptiste BohuLocated in one of the most luxurious residential tower of Shanghai, this apartment occupies the entire floor. The owners, a young and well traveled Chinese couple, share their life between Shanghai and Vancouver. They wanted a modern yet comfortable and elegant interior for their Shanghai apartment. Baptiste used premium materials which gave a very chic look and worked with a mix of French style and contemporary furniture.

Philip Handberg says:

All of these chandeliers added together cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than my annual salary and I make six-figures +++. If this was supposed to be “aspirational”, please recognize your loyal audience and tell us/them that this apartment is for those who are very, VERY, rich. We love your blog because we see amazing ideas we can incorporate into our own lives. Please don’t highlight apartments and make them appear or sound as though they’re an average every day rental listing.

KiM says:

Hi Philip. Nowhere did I say this was average nor is the designer implying it is in his quote. We pride ourselves on sharing a wide variety of styles on this blog, whether they are attainable by “average” folk or not. And the light fixtures in this home would not have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Gorgeous apartment and brilliant design. Loved it.

xavier says:

Beautiful house deoration.

Ian Damerell says:

Elegant indeed. Stunning apartment. love the colours and “Deco” style here.

Suzanne Melton says:

Lots of ideas to steal here.

ombiaombia says:

“hundreds of thousands of Dollars”

Like at least 100,000 $? Couple of lamps? Never.

This put aside, you can get an Inspiration from every interior if you want. Not only from affordable one.

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