Casa de Pueblo

Posted on Thu, 9 Aug 2018 by KiM

Give me a home with lots of history where you don’t have to worry about scratches on the floors or paint chipping off a door and I am in my glory. This time-worn, historic beauty in the Spanish town of Oropesa is magical. It is a feast for the senses with a beautiful assortment of colours and textures. Designed by Marta de la Rica.


Moyra says:

Thank you for sharing this lovely home. It’s beautiful! Such gorgeous fabrics and furniture. I especially love the tiled hand basin area. That rich red…

Kim says:

Every now and again a home you post just *zings* in all the right places for me. This is such a sophisticated mix of all sorts of styles and yet exudes comfort galore. The floors, the tiles, the wall plate rack, the chic crafty nook. So beautiful.

axie says:

Agree with all the above comments- what a wonderful home, so much character.

Gugge says:

Love it!
Beautiful Spain.

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