Working on a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 19 Aug 2018 by KiM

Having to be at work on a Sunday in summer is a horrible thing. But if this was where you worked, it would be a bit less painful wouldn’t it? This 3000 sg ft space in Minneapolis, MN is the rad home of design firm Studio BVStudio BV is a new design studio founded on the idea of reinvention with a mission of creating transformational design solutions and setting out to reshape the practice of design. The first office for this new firm is reflective of that mission. Flexible, open, transparent and hard working the studio space is open and embraces the warm materials of wood, steel and brick of the historic warehouse. The studio features, sliding doors that you can pin up work on, writable glass walls, sit to stand and lounge huddle rooms, collaborative and formal conference rooms and places to connect near the studio workspace. The custom brand wall comprised of rotating colored blocks, allow the design team to create new expressions of patterns to express the mood of the firm. Art plays a signature role in the office. The art collection is comprised of mostly local painters, weavers and photographers and is on display throughout the space.

Photos: Corey Gaffer Photography and Jessica Stoe Photography

b says:

You can F*uck up an interior too!

Enough with “wording in interior design”
Slogans, etc. Silly!

I wouldn’t work there.

Peggy says:

Funny, I was thinking I wouldn’t enjoy working there also! I spent many years in Corporate America, and I don’t know why designers insist on this open environment. Humans need a little space and privacy. It’s not fun working out in the open like this. Yes you need open spaces for your meetings and brainstorming but in terms of personal productivity you need a little bit of your own space. I’d really love to see more designs incorporating both of these features.

KiM says:

Unfortunately open spaces are becoming more and more common. The new workspace layout for the federal gov’t is basically setting up a floor like a Starbucks. No assigned desk space, no walls except for meeting rooms and all very open concept. UGH.

ombia says:

Beautiful kitchen!

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