The vibrant and exuberant style of Godrich

Posted on Wed, 26 Sep 2018 by KiM

London-based interior design firm Godrich brings to the table a vibrant, exuberant style, unfettered by fleeting trends and is underpinned by a distinctive sense of creativity. And that is why I had to share. I crave authenticity and individuality. And these spaces are just that. And I am pretty much sold when you throw some fun artwork into the mix.

jared hayden says:

Amazing. It will require multiple viewings for me to even absorb this.

Priscilla Lynch says:

Those bathroom sconces are amazing.

Andrew Agar says:

The bathroom images are dreamy appearance

Moyra says:

Too much, too much, too much!! Something needed, to make a place nice to live in, is lost behind all that stuff.

Moyra says:

I love that they used fine cell work cushions. They’re in photo 4, “heart and birds”. Although I said above it was too much, I can’t stop going back to revisit! Obviously I can’t get enough now!

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