A maximalist apartment in London

Posted on Thu, 18 Oct 2018 by KiM

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio has done wonders with this small apartment in London. Now I know this isn’t for everyone and many out there may think it’s too much crammed into such a small space but I think the result is really cozy, loved and lived in. I am especially smitten with the kitchen.

Shelley says:

Love those chandeliers and they have many lovely things, but the style is traditional and there is just too many things going on for such a formal style home.

KiM says:

It’s taking traditional to a new, much more awesome level, IMHO 🙂

Donald says:

Not a single thing I would change about this place, wouldn’t even bring my toothbrush with me because the one there is probably so much cooler.

KiM says:

LOL!!! Agreed!

Åsa, Gothenburg says:

There is a homey and welcoming feeling about this apartment that I like!

xavier reis says:

Beautiful home decoration

axie says:

Not much here is my style, yet I absolutely love it. And I’m a minimalist! It’s appeal is in how it is organized and arranged. So warm and inviting- and interesting- genius interior designer!

M Buxton says:

Love, love, love the bed. I personally would decrease the amount of art on the walls by about 25 to 30 percent, but otherwise the furniture and decor don’t seem too cluttered.

Melanie D Millar says:

I love this too! I live in a smallish space and struggle everyday to keep it “minimal”. This space tempts me to abandon my fantasy of a minimal space. This space does not look designed or decorated. It looks like the person that lives there has lots of stuff they love. Nothin wrong with that!

Annie says:

I’m usually a less is more person but I love this. Imagine it on a cold winters day or night. It would be amazing.

Amber says:

Maximalist with class. Love this decor!!!

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