Pattern and colour in a Upper East Side duplex

Posted on Thu, 1 Nov 2018 by KiM

If any of you were questioning the use of lots of colour and pattern in your home, take a lesson from the Burke sisters. Anna and Caroline Burke of Anna Burke Interiors went wild in this Upper East Side duplex, and I adore every square inch. Moss green velvet walls, seagrass rugs, banquettes and more banquettes, murals, grasscloth, the glossiest of gloss walls, polka dots, stripes…….

{ Our last post on their work can be found here }

Velvet says:

Each room has its own character, its own style. I’m not sure how well it works together when you walk from room to room. It puzzles me quite a bit. Yet, each room looks wonderful as an entity.

atma says:

I also want an elephant in my bathroom!

Lisa T. says:

Interesting! The glossy walls and velvet wallpaper are pretty fascinating – you’d have to have perfect execution though, and the upkeep is probably pretty intense! Beautiful effect, however.

jared hayden says:

There is a s**t ton of fabulosity in that place.

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