Now that’s a gallery wall!

Posted on Thu, 8 Nov 2018 by midcenturyjo

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with gallery walls (or French hangs). When done well they are fabulous but once they became popular most I came across were just itsy, bitsy, boring, bad art banged up on a wall. I turned my back on the trend and embraced large, bold statement artworks instead. Big is better became my mantra. Then I saw this, a gallery wall done right and all of a sudden I was scoping my own eclectic art collection, searching for hammer and nails and planning, wait for it, my own version. It’s not just the art hang that is great in this apartment, 20 Street by New York based, expat Aussie Tali Roth though. I love the layering of accessories, lighting, textiles, paint and texture.

Peggy says:

I agree with you on gallery walls, not a fan. But…this one is skillful. The owner of this place also uses large statement pieces beautifully. All in all just a beautiful home.

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