More from Ricardo de la Torre

Posted on Fri, 7 Dec 2018 by KiM

Since I am crushing on the work of Madrid-based designer Ricardo de la Torre I thought I would share a random assortment of other projects of his, including some commercial spaces. That space above though – WOW! I’m also mesmerized by the last 2 spaces (from the VIP area of Summa, the Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid).

b says:

Very interesting use of materials.

See how the butterfly romans softens those hard white edges in that white room?

And unique color use to bring the ceiling down in the restuarant photo?

It may not have been the designers choice for wall art (which is difficult to work with, floor to ceiling) but try not too morbid also too much signage. Furnished accordingly. Well, what do you do with it?

Love the facade in that architectural.

Again, Madrid is interesting, thank you.

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