Magnolia House

Posted on Wed, 12 Dec 2018 by midcenturyjo

It was a labour of love. Over two years Arent & Pyke worked with the family who owned the house on a full scale overhaul. “The interior architecture, furnishing, decoration, art selection, exterior paint scheme and final styling pieces were all lovingly designed, crafted and curated to create a home that was both sophisticated and comfortable while still being functional and appropriate for a young family.” A beautiful home by one of Australia’s foremost interior design firms that speaks to the clients and about the clients.


Lorraine says:

Huh… “one of Australia’s foremost interior design firms”… I hope not. Sure it’s neat, but to me it’s just the same-ol’ thing. Thanks.

B says:

Balance, porportion, and scale are wonderful with this one.

Not filled to the brim either, a house you can grow with.

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