A Montana ski house

Posted on Thu, 13 Dec 2018 by KiM

Some people enjoy the winter season and partake in activities like skiing. I on the other hand would prefer to spend my time bundled up in leggings and a big sweater, huddled under a blanket drinking tea next to a roaring fire. This beautiful house next to the ski mountains in Montana would be the perfect place to do that while wishing spring would arrive. Designed by Shawn Henderson.

(in case you missed Shawn’s West Village project from the other day)

Absolutely beautiful! Our staff spent so much time daydreaming of spending all winter in this awesome ski house. Beautiful use of wood and natural stone. The lighting for each space could be the subject of its own feature article. Thank you for sharing!

Caleigh says:

Wow!!! I need this place in my life. Natural textures and colors all make it so restful and comfy!

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