A funky Paris townhouse

Posted on Tue, 15 Jan 2019 by KiM

I have 5 words for you regarding this incredibly unique and stunning Paris home by GCG Architectes…..WHEN CAN I MOVE IN?????

Photos: Robin Petillault

Ant says:

I didn’t think homes like this existed in Paris. That carpet is amazing no shoes allowed in that house.

Betty says:

Bad taste is always distressing but bad taste in Paris is doubly so!

KiM says:

With such a negative comment I’d love to hear your thoughts on why this is “bad taste”

Maria R Mayoral Jiménez says:

Puesto que el gusto es subjetivo entiendo que A USTED esto le parezca de “mal gusto”.
A mi me parece tan divino, toda una afirmación personal, una provocación a las mezclas predeterminadas por las normas de color y formas establecidas.

Lorraine says:

I agree with you. And it’s too bad the interior doesn’t live up to the exterior.

Cristina says:

Every detail reveals a vibrant and unique style, a pearl in Paris. Good vibes only an no shoes, please!

b says:

The wires in that one room, I did that once, it creates a weird tension. It looks hanging but not really, its just hanging and not connected with the ground.
Alot of uplighting on the facade. Overlit.
Stairway is the most interesting part. It also hides the fact that the stairway is small.
I’m with Betty, although, I won’t say it, let’s just say I’m not a believer.

Lisa says:

I was in Paris last July and saw only the Haussmann facades. Where is the townhouse located? Which arrondissement? Obviously very pricey and spacious unlike most living spaces there.
I like the colorful funky style and would love to see more.

KiM says:

It’s in the 16th arrondissement

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