A beautiful garden summer and autumn

Posted on Fri, 15 Feb 2019 by midcenturyjo

It’s almost the weekend and where will you find me come Saturday? Why in the garden of course! It has been a scorching week (we reached 41 degrees Celsius on Wednesday) and I can think of nothing better than zoning out practising mindfulness as I water the garden and tinker about. Now if this wonderful garden in Box Hill by Ian Barker Gardens was mine I’d be belly flopping into the pool instead and drinking in the beauty of this marriage of 19th and 21st century design. To hell with the gardening!

Wendy says:

I want a poooool!!! (love it)

[…] they should think what side of the house it should be, the back is best to look over what will be a beautiful garden. You want it to be in a quiet part of the house too, one where you can sleep without fear of being […]

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