Another bold project by Lucinda Loya

Posted on Thu, 14 Mar 2019 by KiM

In quintessential Lucinda Loya style, this Texas home is filled with unique furnishings, bold use of colour and pattern, and lots of drama. Always a good time when you peek into one of her homes.

Lorraine says:

After living in this for a while, one day the owners are going to say, what were we thinking?

KiM says:

Or WOW, am I ever glad I didn’t do something boring!

Ros says:

Absolutely! Each element is an inspiration and creativity, and how we engage with it, is timeless in it’s evolution.

carlos xavier pinheiro matos dos reis says:

Love this interiors.

Moyra says:

I adore the exuberance of it all! Wonderful

Prue Wyman says:

I love the koi wall paper. where can I purchase it from

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