Gothic glam in a traditional Craftsman-style apartment

Posted on Wed, 20 Mar 2019 by KiM

When I spotted this apartment designed by cityhomeCOLLECTIVE I wanted to jump up on my desk and shout YES YES YESSSSS!!! The vibe here is edgy, a bit gothic and a style I am completely in love with. If this would take the place of the completely overdone bohemian style that everyone is doing these days I would be sooooo happy.

Daiva says:

Okay, this is the best that I have seen lately! I too loath the whole bohemian vibe and also that too perfect not lived in look. This is so refreshing.

jared hayden says:

Impeccable. I could move in there and not change one darn thing.

jenny m says:

first home in AGES that has hit me viscerally. such a refreshing break from the boho, MCM, and über-styled homes that dominate. thank you so much for featuring this glorious space…

Åsa, Gothenburg says:

I get really curious about the persons living here! This home is so personal, cosy and interesting despite the fact that it is not my style at all! Just love it!

Nora says:

Just came across this. I love it! What wonderful style to incorporate in a craftsman style. I have a craftsman style 2-bedroom condo. I have some Mission style pieces but have “wanted the excuse” to add some punch. I’m stealing everything. Love it!

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