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Posted on Thu, 23 May 2019 by KiM

I have spent many years working at this blog, and hunting down photos of beautiful interiors. It tends to leave you a bit underwhelmed at times, and craving some creativity and uniqueness. New York based interior design genius Robert Stilin is one of those designers who makes me want more. I stare at his photos, try to move on to something else, then go back to inspect every inch of his spaces again in case I missed something the first time. This pattern repeats itself about 8 times. And only then am I satiated. The unique vintage furnishings, the bold and always layered artwork, the depth to the spaces is everything.

(We last featured Robert’s work here)

Beth Krommes says:

You are right. This is magnificent. The artwork, the furniture, the colors, the textures. Even the water towers out of the living room windows work beautifully with the interior.

Beautiful space.

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