Black and over the top in an apartment in St. Petersburg

Posted on Sun, 7 Jul 2019 by KiM

I love to see people take risks in the world of interior design, even if it isn’t to my taste nor something I can imagine living in. If it’s ballsy I give it 2 thumbs up. Like this all black apartment in St. Petersburg I found on The Village. Black from floor to ceiling, sparkly drippy chandeliers, swag burgundy curtains and bedding. I hate to say it but had I not known what website this was from my first guess would have been it was located in Russia. Do you think you could live here?

Photos: Victor Yuliev

xavier reis says:

I love it. So dramatic.

April says:

I find this space very creative and unique and enjoyed the tour very much. Thank you.

Barbara says:

I live in Saint Petersburg, FLORIDA and I wondered … hmmm, could this one of the multi-million dollar penthouses they just built in downtown St. Pete? I guess not … what a cruel trick! LOL!

KiM says:

LOLLLLL!!!!! Sorry to burst your bubble Barbara

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