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Posted on Sun, 1 Sep 2019 by KiM

Parquet engineered flooring is a trend that’s sticking around and the look has inspired a whole new group of stylish ways to add personality to your home. The current revival of both herringbone and chevron parquet floors has exploded all over Instagram, Pinterest and the wider web, with interior experts loving this classic design. Whether you’re moving into a new build home and designing your space, or renovating an Edwardian property and are looking to re-inject some period style features, parquet engineered wood is a fantastic choice of material for your new floor.

The French craft of ‘parqueterie’, or parquet as we know it today, is the art of hand cutting rectangular blocks of wood and fitting them together to create a floor. Once popular with the 17th century aristocracy and royalty, parquet flooring gathered momentum towards the Edwardian period in stately homes, palaces and mansions. To have parquet flooring was considered a status symbol; after all, it required a great deal of craftsmanship which ultimately cost money.

There’s a whole host of traditional patterns that suit parquet engineered wood flooring; single herringbone, chevron, and square basket are some of the more popular styles found in homes today. Herringbone style parquet flooring are cut from rectangles to give the effect of a broken zigzag or fish bones. Chevron styles are different. These are aligned in a straight line and are cut at a sharper angle to give a more minimalist vibe. There’s a huge amount of choice for which style you opt for but each individual pattern has beauty to offer the different spaces in your home.

From a design aspect, when you choose engineered wood to parquet your floor, it really suits the ever-popular Scandi style. With stripped back, minimalist decor, your parquet flooring then becomes the main attraction. Combine a show-stopper herringbone parquet floor with neutral colour palettes, green foliage and a shaker style kitchen, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind space that’s sure to delight.

The classic zigzag pattern of herringbone parquet flooring lends itself to smaller spaces. It’s visually deceptive; if your space is narrow then it’ll widen the room by drawing the eye up and down the pattern whilst adding a touch of sophisticated elegance. Chevron patterns are fantastic for sprawling, open-plan areas in larger, period properties. These look amazing when combined with quirky, contemporary pieces of furniture, rich jewel-toned velvet, and succulents in every corner of the room.

Adopting a parquet pattern for your flooring makes a real impact in any room of the home; one of the best features of engineered wood flooring as a material is that you can use it in areas of the house that do contain moisture as it is resistant to damp. This means you can have beautiful parquet flooring made from engineered wood in places like your kitchen or conservatory. The only place that it’s not recommended for is your bathroom. Large amounts of water can penetrate through engineered wood and it will shorten its lifespan.

One of the best features of engineered wood is that there is so much choice available for your floor. Depending on which style you want to achieve, the wear-layer of your engineered wood planks can be made to pretty much any species of tree. Engineered Oak is especially popular at the moment and is beautiful when laid parquet style in your kitchen. Maple makes a real statement in dining rooms. Ash looks amazing in the master bedroom. Whatever you’re looking to recreate, we can help you find your perfect engineered wood flooring at Lifestyle Flooring UK. Parquet flooring looks incredible whatever the shape or size of your home.

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