A home with masculine, cabin-in-the-woods vibes

Posted on Fri, 18 Oct 2019 by KiM

Loving the cabin-in-the-woods, hunting lodge, boys-only-club vibes in this home. This former home of hám interiors Co-Founder Tom Cox in Barnes reflects his character and talent for design at every turn. The colour palette and his eclectic private collection of artwork and curiosities give a nod to his passion for the great outdoors, as well as his tendency for the unexpected. This masculine scheme pairs pops of colour with a refined elegance, and reveals our expertise in creative spatial planning. The rear extension transforms the space, while the bespoke kitchen designed and built by our team is finished beautifully with meticulously sourced reclaimed items such as the sink, wall lights and stag water spout.

Paul Borden says:

What strikes me is the collection of items that show a life well lived. Great space.

Anne Dewolfs says:

Love Love love

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