Lumière Lodge

Posted on Tue, 19 Nov 2019 by KiM

WARNING: Get yourself some tissues before delving into this post. You’re going to need something to pop up the drool.

Lumière Lodge is brimming with colour, minimal and perfect. Watch the seasons whisper in through the homes antique windows, indulge in whiskey by the fire, or slip into the clawed foot bath and bathe under the light of the stained glass window. Launched in Winter of 2019 Lumière Lodge is the perfect location for creative content studio bookings. Lumière Lodge has been lovingly restored to its original beauty and is true to the Victorian Style.(Photos: Marnie Hawson)

Beata Wasil says:

Amazing! Love the light switches!

Beth says:

Completely lovely in every way.

Anke says:

I am beginning to develop a worrying degree of interest in pink (!) bathroom walls. How dare they?!

xavier reis says:

Interesting home decoration.

chris says:

Really great set of interior photographs, the lighting and tone has been beautifully edited too!

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