A renovated century old Edwardian home

Posted on Thu, 19 Dec 2019 by KiM

I love seeing renovation projects where a period home’s architecture is respected and restored. Kudos to STUDIO 1 NINE 1 for doing this home justice. This 100+ year old Edwardian received a complete makeover, bringing beauty and life back into this classic Toronto home. The project included, Full demolition/gut of the dining room and a new window, new paint throughout, new furniture, lighting, accessories, complete refurbishment of 2 fireplaces as well as the vintage pocket doors. We also updated the kitchen by painting out the existing cabinetry, installing new counters, back-splash and hardware.

M Buxton says:

Really like most of this, but two quibbles: (1) the “jackalope” painting over the sofa is … not to my taste, and (2) shelving books with the spine facing the wall is annoying and a trend that should die a quick death.

Sharon says:

It is a beautiful, liveable space. I enjoyed the short tour. Please continue to show us tasteful, creative environments.
Note: Thank goodness this blog does not worry about catering to specific tastes. If you can’t say anything nice…

Sally says:

I love the wallpaper on the ceiling! I think the painting represents the character/personality of the house perfectly, regardless of one’s personal taste in art. I hadn’t even noticed the books but I too find it disturbing now that you mentioned it!

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