A colourful apartment in Spain

Posted on Wed, 22 Jan 2020 by KiM

As promised, here is another project by designer Marta de la Rica. This apartment is located in Cádiz, Spain and is full of colour, pattern and has a really lived in and summery feel. The outdoor space is gloriously lush. If I found this on Airbnb I’d book it in an instant.

Photos: María Primo de Rivera

Melanie D Millar says:

OK I cant ignore it any longer. The design train has left the station and I am not on it. Maybe I will check back in 15 years and see if the pendulum has swung.
Melanie Millar

Anna L says:

I have a small sitting room with tiled floor and wall. In summer it is wonderfully cool without the need for air-conditioning. This home looks very comfortable, considering the intense heat of Spain and bright sunlight.

Susan Braidwood says:

Kim, it’s Cadiz, not Capiz. But apart form that, I like this!

KiM says:

Oops! Corrected 🙂

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