A retirement dream house in California

Posted on Sun, 5 Apr 2020 by KiM

I could definitively see myself retiring in a place like this. The homeowners of this Calistoga, CA residence are a very lucky couple! What a beautiful setting to spend your days while NOT working (or enduring a seemingly endless pandemic). By Geremia Design.

Photos: Suzanna Scott

Ohioan says:

Checking this site during the “rona” is being a relief… thanks for keeping it running!

KiM says:

We’ve been doing this every day for 13? 14? years and have no plans to stop 🙂

axie says:

I could very happily ride out the self-isolation in this gorgeous home! So peaceful. Calistoga is a great area!

And I agree with OHIOAN above, thanks so much to you both for keeping up all the great work for us- its such a needed respite

KiM says:

We’re glad the blog helps take everyone’s mind off things if even for a few minutes.

joe says:

This is an amazing dream house.

Amy says:

Yes, I’m a Nurse in the US and have been devouring your posts for 13-14 years. I have to say DTI is a great get-away from all the craziness and keeping me sane. Thanks so much.

elise says:

Thank you for your service Amy!

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