A green courtyard house

Posted on Wed, 8 Apr 2020 by midcenturyjo

We all dream of a verdant green courtyard but I had never thought of using green tiles. Designers Hugh-Jones Mackintosh converted an liberally “ochred” Tuscan ripoff into a vibrant, light-filled contemporary space. No structural changes were made. The magic comes from clever colour choices, charming art and the perfect combination of vintage and new pieces. Tthen there is the courtyard with its vivid green wall of Moroccan tiles. Stunning … and perfect for those with black thumbs 😉

Janet says:

Fantastic! Every wall/corner/niche has an awesome surprise.

Sally Guy says:

Warms my heart! Green!

All those stunning plants. Truly gives a feel of calmness, serenity and energy at the same time. Love it!

Anne says:


AC says:

I love the green tiles and I love the whole house.

Rainy says:

Fantastic bedroom in last photo!

Marie says:

Fab! Anything that brings an end to ScandiOz bland gets a tick from me.

Yoni says:

beautiful plants and art. Especially the massive cacti and the small bird paintings.

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