A contemporary take on traditional

Posted on Thu, 23 Apr 2020 by KiM

Many of the elements in this Watch Hill, Rhose Island beach house of designer Carmiña Roth are a nod to the traditional architecture of the home, but love how she pulled together some more contemporary elements to keep things fresh and relaxed. The result is timeless and comfortable, perfect for a family.

Photos: Read McKendree

Barb Ward says:

Sorry Kim, you dropped the ball on this one

Gabriella Wamser says:

Sorry barb, can you explain? I would like to understand…..
If not, why you published this sentence public?

axie says:

Barb, you do realize neither Kim nor Jo actually designed these rooms, right? They only spend their precious spare time scouring design sites to bring us a wide variety of design ideas and concepts for us to enjoy- so that we don’t have to. And at no charge, free! Maybe you could find something better to do with your time. I agree with Kim, your comment is insulting.

ps I want that polar bear painting 🙂

atma says:

Yes, this!

KiM says:

Yes please explain Barb

Though I don’t even understand the comment, I’ll take this opportunity to say that the negative comments showing up on our blog are starting to get very irritating. We’d prefer people just MOVE ON if they don’t like something we post. It’s insulting to us and the designers we feature.

Sparky says:

I agree with you completely, Kim!

Carmen says:

I think it’s BEAUTIFUL!! A unique mixing of styles!!! I think it’s unexpected and fabulous to pair, for example, a neo classical/Napoleonic style wooden bed with a 1970’s Marzio Cecchi wicker S chair!!! So good. Keep up the GREAT work girls!!!!

[…] Lovely lovely home […]

While this is not my favorite home, I like the concept. I wish we can see more. I have several “family” pieces going back to my great-great grandmother. I am forever struggling to include them into a cohesive design. This photo series is one option. Not what I would choose, but I appreciate the effort of the bloggers to find a multitude of styles and interpretations of interiors. I think criticism is okay, meanness is not. If you don’t intend your comment to hurt I can say ,as someone who has spent years online in message boards and blogs, you need to clarify. Sometimes something you write you intend to be completely benign and instead you get told your the anti-Christ. As readers it also means we have to sometimes give the benefit of the doubt to a writer. We all speak different languages in different ways. Mistakes can be made by all. Having said that , I have been a fan of this blog for years!!!!!!!! It’s an amazing achievement to be this successful for this long in the blog world. Well done!

Abha says:

Its wonderful how such old pieces are incorporated throughout the house. Its been dome seamlessly.

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