A bohemian romantic apartment in Lisbon

Posted on Fri, 1 May 2020 by KiM

Letícia of Lisbon-based Roof Design Studio (interior design, architecture and renovations, product design and graphic design) sent over photos of a beautiful apartment in a duplex in Lisbon that overlooks the Tagus river. In a perfect balance between neutral colors and the explosion of colours, between modern and clean design and pieces full of travel memories, between collector art and emerging illustration, walls have been torn down to create wider spaces and doors were eliminated to create greater visual connections. In these residential 170m2 you can find portuguese brands such as Mambo Unlimited Ideas, Dooq details, Theia tiles, Utu Lamps and many furniture pieces designed by the creative team of studio Roof, meticulously manufactured by the best national artisans. Sophistication and functionality were the keywords of the project, where each chosen material, each combination of colours and patterns and each perspective reflect the owner’s taste and personality.

An apartment from my country!

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