Austere beauty in Barcelona

Posted on Mon, 4 May 2020 by midcenturyjo

Rustic meets modern meets a simple beauty in this Barcelona house by Cobalto Studio. Restrained almost severe but tempered with a tactile element. Texture combines with pops of earthy colour to bring warmth to an otherwise austere spaces. Anyone else crushing on those vintage rush seated dining chairs?

Photography by Pablo Zamora

Beth says:

I agree with you on the chairs. I also love the pottery, lamps, the tile, and the amazing tapestries!

Stephanie says:

I feel that the warm tones really help to keep the space from looking austere. Also in love with those dining chairs!

Anna L says:

I also do not find this austere at all. It looks very informal and comfortable. I can imagine the heat and sunlight and relaxing here. All the wood and pottery artefacts and the textile art add charm. The tile and courtyard are a modern nod to the Moorish history. The chairs are lovely too. It all conveys a sense of place.

Julie says:

I’ve had the misfortune to sit on one of those visually interesting chairs. They are without a doubt the most uncomfortable chairs on the planet. They’re ramrod straight and those “bubbles” dig into your spine. If you don’t want your guests to linger these chairs are ideal!

Anna L says:

There is such a difference between considering furniture aesthetically and actually using it daily. Since having a back issue and my mother breaking a hip I realized how many furniture designs are really impractical. Finding seating at the right height with supportive armrests so that you can stand back up became an issue. That is why most people have a really ugly, but very comfortable chair…if you can get the pet off it.

Lorraine says:

I agree. For me, I always go for comfort before beauty although I usually find both.

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