Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 9 May 2020 by midcenturyjo

Lock down is slowly being lifted here in Australia. We have been fortunate with just under 7000 cases of COVID-19 and 93 deaths in a country of 25 million. Did I just write that 93 deaths were fortunate? How life has changed for all of us. Through prompt and coordinated action by our Commonwealth and State Governments and with the united cooperation of our population we have come through this crisis and even though our economy is shattered we are starting slowly to rebuild.  Step by small step. Our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters throughout the world especially those who have suffered horrendous death tolls and massive unemployment.

It seems a bit trite to do a post on stylish work places but I see it as a defiant raised finger to a virus and governments who aren’t doing enough. Eff you. We will come through this and we will one day be happy to drag ourselves into work on a weekend especially if our work place looks like a calm, zen like oasis. Interior design firm White Arrow‘s own offices in Brooklyn.

Lorraine says:

Blinded by all the white. You’ll find me outside.

marcy lynn says:

Lorraine, if you don’t like it …. don’t comment.
I learned a long time ago working in Art Galleries that there is something for everyone. I love this site and these two women!

axie says:

Exactly Marcy Lynn, I learned that lesson also. Can you imagine how boring and sad the world would be if everything and everyone looked the same?

And I also agree- love this site and these two ladies- hope everyone is well and healthy xoxoxo

Jairo Geronymo says:

Dito! These two ladies are awesome!

Lorraine says:

Marcy Lynn: Where does it say I have to get your approval to comment? Gee-whiz, my comment wasn’t even bad. It did blind me and I do like the outdoor space better! Nothing wrong with that! 🙂

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