A modernized 1960’s condo in Italy

Posted on Thu, 21 May 2020 by KiM

Architect Anna Stella Tinelli and interior designer Claudio De Leo of Pleroo Design Studio created a beautiful space here for Claudio and his family, modernizing this 120 sq m apartment in Gioia del Colle, a town in southern Italy (the building was built in the late 1960’s). Many materials were used such as oak flooring, cane chairs, metal and mesh room dividers, travertine, grasscloth wallpaper, which adds alot of interest to what is quite simple architecture.

Blanders says:

Ah, i do love the quirkier end of Italian design: the stuff that teeters on the line between “bold” and “awful”. Like the forest green tiles in the bathroom and that great block of mission brown ceiling looming over the living room.

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