Perfect Storm by Killing Matt Woods

Posted on Wed, 10 Jun 2020 by KiM

I’m not sure I can ever really get behind minimalism, but this converted warehouse in Sydney transformed into a concrete bunker of sorts is really quite beautiful. That curved ceiling and the 2 story impact of it is spectacular. It’s incredible that such a simple architectural detail could add so much interest. I also love how the curve is found throughout the loft (sofa, console, mirror, shower door). Brutalism with a cocooning impact. Designed by Matt Woods.

Janet says:

This place would depress me to no end.

Tim & Anna Burgess says:

Couldn’t agree more – so “inward” looking with barely a glimpse of sun, sky or trees.

Blanders says:

Many aspects of this apartment do cross a line from Cool Designer to Grim Designer. But there are some lovely design touches, such as the arched shower door, and hanging the island light off the wall above rather than the ceiling below.

atma says:


Misty Pesto says:

Piece of art.

Rainy says:

It is pretty cool although not my style.

Stephanie says:

The enveloping effect of the grey plaster on all walls and ceiling certainly make it feel a little depressing but I love the built-ins, the architectural features, lighting selection and furniture selection.
That shower is definitely a highlight too!

Alicja says:

A cave..

oregonbird says:

Its all about shape, tone and texture. I’d need a new wardrobe. 🙂

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