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Posted on Wed, 8 Jul 2020 by KiM

London-based interior designer Trilbey Gordon has a dramatic, inimitable and at times flamboyant approach to interiors. She curates an eclectic mix of rock-n-roll, mid-century modern and cool gentlemen’s club, all suffused with a sexy 70’s Studio 54 vibe. Yet every detail is carefully considered. Here is a selection of my favourite spaces from her portfolio.

Blanders says:

Eccentric British Glam is a look that’s very easy to do very badly, so it’s great to see someone who can do it so well!

Jeanette dupont says:

Trilbey Gordon is my favourite designer. Her work is instantly recognisable as her own style. Thank you for sharing her work.

Peter says:

Trilbey Gordon appears to be such a talented and super cool girl with heaps of style and very beautiful to boot!


franki parde says:

“Electicism” @ its best!! franki

elise says:

this one made my heart beat faster. should have known it was London-based! yum.

Vanessa says:

Love love love this designer. She just had to be from London! Such british eclectic coolness.

Sergio Frade says:

Trilbey Gordon is the hottest and sexiest designer to come out of England in a long time.

Jeanette Peters says:

Been following her for a few years. What a star she has become!

Jacopo Pignatelli says:

I love the british designer Trilbey Gordon, heaps of style and oozes class. She is not bad to look at either!

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