An update on this Victorian home in London

Posted on Tue, 14 Jul 2020 by KiM

Back in 2015 I featured the home of the very talented interiors photographer Debi Treloar, that was available for photo shoots via jj Locations. While perusing their site the other day I noticed it is still listed, but seems to have had a bit of a makeover since my last post. The flooring in the kitchen/living room area is now polished concrete which I LOVE, and the kitchen has a darker, moodier colour palette which I prefer to the previous version. Debi has such a knack for working with vintage finds and maintaining original details. Such a gorgeous home.

Isabelle says:

Mindblowing, exactly perfect, fresh, interesting, edgy, delicate. Thanks for sharing.

axie says:

I like this version better than the earlier ‘infamous’ version also 🙂
And I would do anything to have those concrete floors!

anne says:

love love love it!

Leslie-Anne says:

This is the best Victorian home in London that I have seen. Love it.

Lorraine says:

I hate to think that’s true.

Lorraine says:

Well, duck tape on the sofa isn’t my cup of tea but Red Green would be so proud. Haha!

SincereBuddy says:

the plants out of the bath looks like a horror movie… yikes

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