A magical birch forest in a Sydney courtyard

Posted on Fri, 17 Jul 2020 by midcenturyjo

A fortress like exterior gives no hint of the playfulness inside. All stoic on the outside and Palm Springs meets Italian courtyard meets magical birch forest out the back. This North Bondi garden by 360 Degrees has my mind spinning round with inspiration.

Rach says:

Hey Jo,
I was wondering why you stopped posting real estate posts?
They were always my favourite.
Love the blog, thanks for all your hard wor.

midcenturyjo says:

Things have been quiet on the real estate front since the corona lockdown and I’m very fussy and often The Design Files will post a good house before I can post now that they’re doing more real estate and I hate to repost and I’m fussy and … 🙂

Rach says:

Fair enough 😄
Thanks for replying

tania says:

Love that pool fence, and of course the birch trees.

Peta says:

Lovely to look at, but will it keep a child out?

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