Vivid colours, vintage finds and upcycled items in a Moscow apartment

Posted on Wed, 19 Aug 2020 by KiM

The owners of this apartment in Moscow wanted it to be bright and spacious and reflect their personalities and passion to travel. They must have very outgoing and eclectic personalities because WOW is this space ever both of those! Such vibrant colours, and unique details like the mural behind the tub, the rug made from used clothing and cushion from vintage jeans army tents and a Chinoiserie mural by the kitchen.  I really admire designer Daria Vasilkova‘s creativity and attention to detail. (Love the glass wall sconces repeated throughout the apartment in rather random placements)

E says:

Very fun creative place! Interesting bathroom especially!
Their couch looks like yours Kim?

Heather says:

Amazing colours but the statue of the Black servant with bright red lips is stereotyped and offensive.

Laura says:

it’s a sikh statue, not a black servant.

Heather says:

Ahh thanks. My mistake.

Sandy says:

I am american black i like the black statue it is called art beauty os in the eye of tje beholder

Liza says:

As a person who grew up in a former Communist country, with a family history of persecution on political grounds, I find the mosaic of Lenin quite offensive. Would I have it in my own home, definitely not. Yet I can still appreciate the artistic value of it. Let’s not mix art with politics, shall we?

Misty Pesto says:

I do appreciate your comment Liza, totally agree. That Lenin portrait brings back terrible memories from the communist era. It’s a sad trend and shows the lack of historical knowledge to think it is funny or fashionable to place dictators and mass killers in interiors.

Jay says:

It does not appear to be a statue of a sikh due to the clothes, turban and complexion. It looks somewhat closer to the Senegalese Tirailleurs who were formed in 1857 and served France in several wars. Giacomo de Andreis had Banania’s French cocoa adverts show a laughing tirailleur. The image stopped being used in the 70s, reappeared briefly under the “nostalgia” banner in 2005 before being condemned and disappearing in 2011 for obvious reasons. This may well be something completely different.

Anna L says:

Ultra femme. Lots of ideas packed in to a small space. I had an honorary aunt who lived in a studio apartment with a bed in a curtained alcove. As a child, that was immense fun. Performance space! This probably is too. She wore a lot of pearls, like Coco Chanel…

jenny m says:

the irony: stylized lenin looking over an utterly luxe apartment…

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