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With over 100 categories the A’ Design Award and Competition is the world’s largest design competition. But it is not just an award. It is an indicator of quality and perfection in design, recognized worldwide, your design front and centre before design companies and professionals. Entries will be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and media members (you can check out the methodology here) and the benefits to the winners are inspiring. The trophy, of course, an invitation to the gala night, a certificate of quality, inclusion in the prestigious A’ Design Award and Competition exhibition and the yearly ResultBook but even more importantly press, PR, introduction to industry professionals and companies and international exposure.

From the Good Industrial Design Award, to the Good Architecture Design Award. The Good Product Design Award to the Good Communication Design Award. The Good Service Design Award to the Good Fashion Design Award and so many more. Today I wanted to share my Top 20 winners from previous years … OK, OK actually just 20 of my hundreds of favourites over the years.

Seehof: A Garden Architecture Hotel by Noa

Malangen Retreat Family retreat by Snorre Stinessen

Grotto Sauna Freestanding Residential Sauna by PARTISANS

EN Skincare Salon and Store by Yusuke Kinoshita

Cliff House Weekend Residence by Masato Sekiya

Baan Dinner set cupboard by Mr.Paitoon Keatkeereerut,Chawin Hanjing

Banco Kitchen table by LA AGENCIA

MU’trans Home Accessories by MU’factory Cetti Davì/ Dario Feo

Creative Incubators Office space by Rui Zhao

Feiliyundi Sales Center by Weimo Feng

Haiku Hood by Fabrizio Crisà

Bo Du Resort Hotel Design Commercial by Zhang Can – CSD Design Office

Catzz Cat Bed by Mirko Vujicic

Stocker Chair, Stool by Matthias Scherzinger

Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center by Hejingtang Studio

Spot Multifunctional Sofa by Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi

Manshausen Hospitality, Sport, Hotel, Wellness/Spa by Snorre Stinessen

Hideaway Chair Children’s Chair by Think & Shift

Bamboo Breeze Exhibition, Communication by Chengzhe Zhang

Iconic Cloud Chair Rocking Chair by Pia Weinberg – Maison Deux

The competition is now open for entries for 2020/2021. Details can be found here. Registration information is available here. At the end of the competition we’ll be featuring some of our favourite winners so stay tuned for that!


This post is in collaboration with A’ Design Award & Competition


Sunday at a restaurant

Posted on Sun, 16 Aug 2020 by KiM

I am always in awe of the meticulousness and playfulness of design firm Kingston Lafferty Design and this restaurant in Dublin is no exception. Tasked with the challenge to transform an empty shell retail unit into a restaurant, café and takeaway with a new mezzanine kitchen and bar, KLD were appointed to carry out the interior architecture and design for new Cinnamon restaurant. KLD designed all the light fixtures, reminiscent of oversized lollipops, to the wall cladding, tabletops and built in seating to maintain a bold and toy-like feel throughout. “We wanted to create a light-hearted and childlike space with an element of escapism.” Soft pastels are heightened with textural changes from soft leathers, glistening tiles and high gloss lacquered surfaces. The colour palette was kept deliberately simple and repetitive so that it visually connects. Mirror was incorporated in various ways to echo the full height dramatic glazing and bring in the natural light.

Photos: Ruth Maria

Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 15 Aug 2020 by midcenturyjo

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend it helps if it’s somewhere stylish. ThredUP offices by Noma Design & Co.


Byron Bay coastal

Posted on Fri, 14 Aug 2020 by midcenturyjo

It’s a holiday where I live. A three day weekend to get away, relax, rewind. The Cape Beach House designed by Uneek Interior Solutions in the Northern New South Wales coastal town of Byron Bay is a stylish bed and breakfast redolent of that laid-back sun, sand and surfing riff. Unfortunately the border between Queensland and New South Wales is closed and although this fab beach house is only a couple of hours away for now I’ll have to daydream of a future stay.

Millbrook House

Posted on Thu, 13 Aug 2020 by KiM

I can appreciate traditional and antique furnishings, but when typically pared with a pale/drab colour palette I am always left underwhelmed and dreamy of 80 year old grannies curled up on the sofa crocheting. Designer Nick Olsen took the rustic bones of this farmhouse, added some sassy in-your-face colours and patterns for a more youthful juxtaposition and WOW – this sure ain’t Granny Mae’s digs anymore!

Photos: Reid Rolls