A cozy waterfront home in Florida

Posted on Sun, 4 Oct 2020 by KiM

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to figure out how to get all of the “indoor” plants in my backyard and greenhouse into my house for winter. HOLY SMOKES what a nightmare. I have to sell some of my furniture to make room for them all. Not kidding. Anyway, I’m tired and sore AF and wished I lived in a climate where I would not have to go through this hell every year. Like Florida. This stunning waterfront home on the bayou in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida belongs to interior designer and blogger Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors is just what I need. Except move it further south into Mexico and I’d be all set. (Found via this article on Garden & Gun, photos by Emily Followill)

Mochi says:

We lived near Santa Rosa for years, and unfortunately, the winters can get cold. We even had snow (don’t snort, northerners — a dusting shuts everything down), so there were plenty of winter days where we had to scramble to get the outside plants in! For a few days, it was gingerly navigating around pots.

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