Colour with Creative Tonic

Posted on Fri, 30 Oct 2020 by KiM

Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic (based in Houston) is all about colour and pattern and drama. Everyday moments are celebrated, more is splendidly more + unexpected details are waiting to be discovered around every corner. Color is essential to my process. Our world is a vibrant place and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve felt compelled to weave brilliance into my surroundings. I founded Creative Tonic in 2006 with a passion for composing layered environments that invite celebration. With a fearless use of color and decidedly inventive flair… Brilliant living begins here. (Photos: Julie Soefer)

Patti Gustafson says:

I love rooms with color saturation! Thanks for the inspiration!

Christine says:

These are a definite antidote for grey and moody days! They’re happy rooms!

Bridget Sexton says:

I guess we are all very different. Most of these rooms with concentrated colour make me shudder. I prefer colour added through the objects in the room or just a splash of colour on a piece of furnuture. To each her own!

atma says:

Is it just me, or do the round lamps in the blue kitchen look like corona-viruses? 😀

Shirley says:

@ATMA I thought exactly the same thing ! Just a bit different in colour lol

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