Venice Beach Shack

Posted on Fri, 13 Nov 2020 by KiM

This home is small space living at its finest! Lovingly coined the “Venice Beach Shack”, this small house was originally a crumbling shack reimagined into a modern beach pad. These photos capture Phase 1 of construction that encompasses the interior reconfiguration and remodel of the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom in 550 SF. Phase 2 occured after additional permits to add 100 SF expansion connecting the house to the garage, along with the exterior upgrades and landscaping. This little minimal beach house is the ultimate in small space living. By Veneer Designs. Photos: Jessica Alexander

Misty Pesto says:


james armstrong says:

Venice is not a place for the rich. Venice is not a place to be exploited , perverted , sucked dry of its authenticity , gentrified like it has been , turned into a circus like it has been , and most of all , the original descendants of Venice forgotten. Abbott Kinney founded Venice , and black architects , engineers , developers , construction workers , and women with children built Venice. Black people own Venice . what you see now is Google , Buzzfeed , and other tech company families driving $90.000 cars , bought up all the property , and want nothing but to look good and be popular. The fact of the matter is , the homeless was there 30yrs ago. These rude , rich , foreign people in Venice now , make Venice not Venice anymore. Who cares if one of those people can afford a hobby , buying the property and turning a shack into a shack !! I’m a Venice native !! Born and raised , 52yrs !!

Martians before Venutians says:

AWOL? Everything will change in time, we won’t always like it. most of the people that have moved to Venice are trying to relive a cool Venice that somebody told them about 20 years ago in the people 20 years ago did the same thing. 20 years from now the techies will be long gone and it will be something else. Life changes whether we like it or not. Unfortunately history and charm and everything that makes things great in the first place get destroyed.

L Jones says:

You are absolutely right , Venice used to be a beautiful bohemian place for everyone , now it’s taken over by rich white techies who are arrogant beyond belief

Lorraine says:

Great post, James Alexander – much appreciated.

james armstrong says:


Ulrich Schloßer says:

Sehr gelungen!

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