Lohr Park residence

Posted on Mon, 23 Nov 2020 by KiM

A glimpse at a 7000 sq ft home in Evanston, IL designed by Kara Mann. In her ubiquitous style of slightly edgy yet timeless style, always with touches of black. Here Kara has included a disco ball and pink (…crushed velvet?) curtains (Anyone else in love with her CB2 “flutter” sofa? SO GOOD!)

Carol Knosbyhanf says:

So where is the CB2 flutter sofa pictured…not on your page or on Kara Mann site.

Carol Knosbyhanf says:

Okay….it is on the CB2 site

Rainy Day says:

Love the disco ball but that sawhorse belongs outside somewhere.

Barb Ward says:

Bathroom is the most outstanding

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