A renovated 1908 home in Massachusetts

Posted on Thu, 3 Dec 2020 by KiM

This 1908 home in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a wonderful example of showing an old home some love through a well-considered renovation that maintains character and history whilst adding some whimsical touches with colours and wallpapers. The result is a charming and completely approachable home. Designed by Mandarina Studio.

Moyra says:

I love this home. The wallpapers are wonderful.

Marcy S Lynn says:

Love, love, love!

Beth says:

The first picture (desk works so beautifully with the wall), the pink and gray bathroom, and the laundry room are my favorites. Wonderful wallpaper throughout!

Kathy Armstrong says:

Can you please tell me where the green wallpaper came from?

KiM says:

If you’re referring to the one in the office it’s Iksel’s Japanese Cranes

Valerie says:

Love the patchwork patterned rug!

Ginger says:

EVERYTHING about this home is extraordinary!! I absolutely love all of it! Thank you for sharing this dynamic home with us!

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