Castle of Trematon

Posted on Mon, 7 Dec 2020 by KiM

When I spotted this property on Shoot Factory I was shocked I had never seen it before and then knew it had to be associated to a fabric/wallpaper company (no kidding!) and after about 35 seconds of sleuthing found out this is Trematon Castle and its magical garden in Cornwall, which also seems to double as a B&B through House of Hackney. Some info on this absolutely spectacular (inside and out) property: the castle was built in the 14th century, the main house has 6 bedrooms and sits on 9 acres. The Castle then fell into neglect and ruin for centuries until, in 1807, the Duchy of Cornwall granted a 100-year lease to naval man Benjamin Tucker, alongside permission to construct a house within the castle courtyard. Yet more change came when part of the medieval castle wall was demolished to create a view from the house down to Plymouth Sound – and then again in 1812, when an ornate swimming pool was carved out in the lower reaches of the garden to commemorate a visit by the Prince Regent, who was later crowned George IV.  Now, the Castle not only serves as the gateway to Cornwall, but to a mythical land dreamt up by its newest guardians: Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle. Adorned in House of Hackney’s imaginative prints, the interiors also act as a miniature museum for irreverent British design. In keeping with our ethos of championing local factories and generations-old techniques, the décor is anchored by timeless yet characterful creations, crafted by artisans – the finest our fair isle has to offer. From the artwork to the lighting, each piece you see is available to buy and take home with you (or purchase later via the House of Hackney website) as a memento of your stay. 

Barb Ward says:

Extraordinary property, truly one of a kind.
Thank you sharing such creative genius Kim.


Jesse says:

Need to know more about those snake mirrors!

Jesse says:

Need to know the details on those snake mirrors!!

April says:

What a visual experience and almost overwhelming. I would love to visit and absorb in person.

Suzanne Melton says:

I’d even stay in the chicken coop!

Moyra says:

Even the rooster is spectacular! An amazing place!

dwo says:

Oooof. Instant headache looking at those interiors. But the garden! That stair case! Pool and pool house! Magical.

Bridget Sexton says:

The view is beautiful!!
The interiors made me feel sick to my stomach. Visual overload indeed!!

Harriet Smith says:

gorgeous garden, shame the pool was only built in 2005!

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